Now the toner light stays on all the time and have covered the sensor holes with black tape. The key to my finding you’re origial posting was the date you posted in your reminder. Would appreciate an email if you did. Open front cover 2. There seems to be a standard number of pages when the printer “thinks” the toner is empty and wants you to refill.

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So if the toner cartridge has a drum do it this it will save you money, but if there separate it may cost you more in brother lc51 printer long run.

Brother toner cartridge low toner override | FixYourOwnPrinter

I have covered the two sensors on the twos side on the toner. I have brotherC printer with LC51 Brother lc51 printer. It worked on my CDW! Priner front cover 2. Eventually, even though the toner window shows that there is still lots of toner in the cartridge, the cartridge starts to “spew” toner, not only on the printed paper, but brother lc51 printer the printer.

The no toner brothsr is lit, even after replacing toner cartridge. New User Forgot Password? Ink Cartridges are integral parts of Inkjet printers supplying them with a continuous flow of new Ink. Ok this sound like the problem that I have but How do I know where the the eye is so I can cover it. Brother lc51 printer just put a small electrical tape cut lengthwise and covered the cartridge as ptinter here: The printer printed beautifully afterward.


If you are interested in more info send me your specific model number and I may be able prinetr send you a helpful illustration in pdf format. When I was working on mine, my 3 year-old little girl kept saying, “Uh-oh!

I have the DN and covering the eyes brother lc51 printer both sides has helped me get a lot of extra life from the carts. By placing it in brother lc51 printer cartridge, the cartridge price goes up since complexity is added to the manufacturing process and electronic components and wiring needs to be added. I had to take out the toner tray that holds 4 cartridges and I put tape over the little eyes on both sides.

Works perfectly – many thanks. I have brother hl Why didn’t brother lc51 printer other 3 toners show no change at all?

Brother Ink & Toner Cartridges

I have invoices that urgently need to go out. Just take it off and reset it brother lc51 printer clockwise so it is not at the stopping point. A couple things to bear in brother lc51 printer priner using the “cover the hole” method: There is a “reset gear” you need to “flop over” for it to think there’s a brothfr toner in I believe that once the printer detects the low toner optically, it goes to a page count to determine when it thinks the toner is empty.


Where have you found the best price for this machine’s toners? Keep up the good job.

I have a Brother DCPC inkjet, can someone please tell me what to do to make cartridges brother lc51 printer longer I am forever changing a cartridge and as soon as I replace one, another runs out. The tape over the window works!

So u ppl do two things. Leave your old drum unit in the printer.

Do you have to take the cartridges out to see the window? Alarm buttons went off immediately and brother lc51 printer is printing up a storm. Continuous ink system for Epson R Printer Regular price: Many thanks – Anonymous.

Anyone have this model that can help me out here? It basically just prints lighter. Then continue to the black one. This error will occur when using non-OEM ink brorher or there might be a brother lc51 printer with the cartridges and printer.