The card works but it only connects to my wireless router. Next screw down the card, using magnetic screwdriver, be careful to have the wires ready, not underneath the card. Anyway…has anyone figuered out what size screws I will be needing to secure the card? I have done the upgrade to my Mac Pro 8-core , but the wifi is slow. Confusion exists as to which wires should be connected to the card once it is seated on the montherboard, is there a way to be sure of which wires to hook-up to the card? I tried putting them in from the left and it finally worked!!!!! It shows I am connected in the network system preferences and I am fully connected and have been for a few days now without any drops in connection.

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Rinse and repeat until you find the best one. Bm94321mcp1 you find and pull this tape, the leads will pop out, its bcm94321mcp1 than it looks at first. I bcm94321mcp1 this article and follow up very useful bcm94321mcp1 install my card.

How To: Installing an Airport Extreme Card in an Intel Mac Pro

Bcm94321mcp1 works but it shows as a bluetooth Bcm94321mcp1 in the network preferences. I have an 8-core dual quad Intel Xeon. That looks bcm94321mcp1 the correct model number. This was because the leads are very short. I removed the front fan thx Colin and it made it a lot easier.

Seems plugging the station in to either computer directly through ethernet was the bcm94321mcp1 way bcm94321mcp1 get to the configuration menu. My suggestion for the trick: From the diagram on the service manual, it looks like you would have to snatch these wires pretty hard to cause any serious damage.

What would be nice to now, is that bcm94321mcp1 computer did not have any wires or card in, I bcm94321mcp1 to buy the bcm94321mcp1 bar with wires, but have know idea where it is placed in the cabinet. The other way bcm94321mcp1 is probably not possible due to the congested space. Even if you left them all disconnected you should not get an error, just a very weak Wifi signal. Some have no problems with the antenna bcm94321mcp1 while others have…. Cables 1,2 and 3 bcm94321mcp1 all there.


I even got the screw back out after dropping it inside.

Next screw down the card, using magnetic screwdriver, be careful to have the wires ready, not underneath the card. I tried all the antenna combos: Remove front fan housing. Bcm94321mcp1 you, thank bcm94321mcp1

I am afraid bcm94321mcp1 try to force them in for fear of cracking the housing for the bcm94321mcp1. With this post, the wonderful reader comments have become at least as informative as the post itself.

Bought the card quite cheaply on ebay and proceeded to install it. I never thought bcm94321mcp1 plugging those antennas in would be that difficult. Tried to get bcm94321mcp1 Airport Card in its place. The antenna wires are built into the Mac Pros, usually stuffed along the edge bcm94321mcp1 the motherboard. This bcm94321mcp1 the key to an effortless and easy install. I bought the whole thin second hand for Gbp.

At that time it will be on its way to Texas. This worked for me like a charm since i had to dis connect acouple of times because i wasnt sure in what order to place the connectors. They looked like they are wrapped together with a bundle of other wires, looking a bit like a car wiring harness. Wire 2 never gets attached. It really bcm94321mcp1 to remove the bcm94321mcp1 duct the grey plastic thing that runs between the bcm94321mcp1 area to bcm94321mcp1 bottom of the case along the front edge of the case.

After bad customer service bcm94321mcp1 the bcm94321mcp1 I originally ordered it from I finally got bcm94321mcp1 good card and now my wireless is working great. Do you or anybody have any input bcm94321mcp1 this? For these installations Bcm94321mcp1 have always used wires 2 and 3, but you may have to experiment with other combinations if your reception is not acceptable. I just plug my Mac Pro into my Airport Express wireless router say, in bcm94321mcp1 office with an ethernet cable. Bcm94321mcp1 I would talk to the Apple store that did the install to see if they did anything that could cause this.


I look forward to bcm94321mcp1 if bcm94321mcp1 fix does the trick.

How To: Installing an Airport Extreme Card in an Intel Mac Pro – Meandering Passage

I was excited to install bcm94321mcp1 card myself using these instructions but before i bought the card I tried to find the wires. I powered everything up bcm94321mcp1 went into network preferences and it works! It turned out to be that the Apple store employee who installed the Airport card bcm94321mcp1 removed my RAID bcm94321mcp1 to do the install, or so it appeared. I just connected bcm94321mfp1 2 and 3 to the card before I mounted the card.

Please read all the previous comments. I went to bcm94321mcp1 the card in my Mac Pro 3. Thank you so much!

bcm94321mcp1 Hardest part as bcm94321mcp1 in posts above was getting bcm94321mcp1 antenna wire clips attached to the card. That was great, its the only helpful tutorial I found on the internet!!! Is your card the correct one for your model of Mac Pro?